Dringend op zoek naar een alpiene partner

Door sneeuwbok 05.07.2018 om 13.59

Dringend op zoek naar een alpiene partner. Zie onderstaande Engelstalige oproep.

Last minute search for a partner, because my current one abandoned ship.

Ideally l am looking for experienced partners that would like to climb mountains like Weisshorn and Dent Blanche, starting off with perhaps Zinalrothorn, or even Weissmies, Allalinhorn, or Dom. Other objectives are open for discussion.

I will be leaving for Switzerland coming saturday. We could start coming week, or even more convenient the week after that. I am trying to fill 2 weeks with partner(s), only as 2 man team(s).

Please let me know privately if you are interested, your time frame, your experience, possible other objectives, and so on.


Reakties naar sneeuwbok aapje xs4all punt nl.

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